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Can’t Apply False Lashes

Do you feel confident enough to try falsies for yourself now? There are so many ways to apply lashes on your eye. Which is every woman are already now but today we gonna show you how you don’t do it wrong and do it perfectly like a professional expert.Because some women think that it was very difficult and they do don’t do it and spend there a lot of money do it in beauty salon or beauty parlor. So today we gonna show you complete and step by step tutorials of lashes. Every woman needs fake lashes to explore their beauty. False lashes will take any of makeup style to the next level. Here is how you can’t Apply False Lashes.

Resources for this project:

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Expert Tricks!

1: It’s easier with mascara

Apply Mascara to your eyes

2: Clean and ” Softer” the lashes

Remove the excess glue

For a better fit

3: Check the sizes

Trim them if necessary

4: Wait for the glue to change color

Apply on the ” Roots “

A generous amount

When it becomes clear, it’s time to apply

5: Always start from the middle

Use tweezers to apply

Adjust and let them dry

Here you go

Pro tip

If the glue is showing, cover it with eyeliner

By using these ways

You will never go wrong again

Here you go

We hope all of you like this amazing Can’t Apply False Lashes. Which is helping a lot to your lashes experience and For your better guidance, I also post a whole process video which is given below this video guide you all process in a step by step and save your time. I hope you will never forget to Subscribe our Youtube Channel and press the bell icon.

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