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Customized Clothes

Create new and exciting designs with your old t-shirts. Customizing your own clothes is one of the best hobbies nowadays. Which is saving a lot of every women money. Many women are worried about their clothes. Which is tight to these women clothes but they don’t know to do anything of these clothes. after this whole tutorials, you can do your clothes to some fun. You can be doing to the next level of customization to your clothes. These whole tutorial are very easy every woman can do this easily. These tutorials can take only one to two hour to do it completely. These tutorials are specially for beginner level. These whole tutorials do not cost any single of your penny. You can do these first your old clothes if you are not doing it before so you can do it first.  Here are Customized Clothes hacks you should need to know.

Resources for this project:

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1: Blow Sleeves

Cut this side


Fabric Glue

Here you Go

2: Shoulder Tied Tee

3-inch triangle

Cut all of these by this shape

Here you Go

3: Choker Tee

Cut both of side by the triangle shape

Here you go

4: Geometric cut-out

Now cut your shirt to the geometric shape

Like these

Here you go

We hope all of you like this amazing Customized Clothes. Which is helping a lot to your Clothing experience and For your better guidance, I also post a whole process video which is given below this video guide you all process in a step by step and save your time. I hope you will never forget to Subscribe our Youtube Channel and press the bell icon.

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