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10 Foods You Never Knew Were High In Calories

The hidden nutritional value of diet food to keep in mind. It’s time to reveal another portion of non-obvious facts about the products that we used to trust. It turns out that some of those that we consider low in calories are fraught with a lot of fats, carbohydrates, and calories. Which does not contribute to the desire to be in shape, much less lose weight.

Here are the top ten popular foods. That should not be overused if you are planning a diet or fasting days.


The snow-white young cheeses look light and crisp but are actually not as innocent as they seem. A hundred-gram mozzarella ball contains about 300 calories, not to mention 20-25 grams of fat a delicate, slow-acting bomb that melts in your mouth. The truth is, low-fat cheese is a hard cheese, but if you’re on a diet. But Success depends on meticulous nutritional measurements.


The high nutritional value of the Caribbean fruit (about 180 calories in half a ripe avocado) is justified by the fact that the oily pulp contains almost anything. The entire spectrum of fatty acids important for the functioning of brain cells, as well as a unique vitamin and mineral complex with impressive antioxidant properties.


Crispy, tempting puffed rice mugs are just pretending to be light and dietary. On the wrapper, you will find information on 380 calories per 100 grams with a glycemic index of about 85. A good reason to change your mind in favor of a packet of raw almonds.


Fiber-rich coconut is also very nutritious (one hundred grams about 353 calories) and contains a lot of saturated fatty acids. Which does not allow the tropical nut to become a hero of diets and unloading.


Heading to the cinema, you shouldn’t be happy about a bucket of popcorn clutched in your hands. Which will be enough for an entire movie. This very bucket contains an abyss of calories that you don’t need (about 1400 per 100 grams), plus oil, salt, or, whatever, sugar. A little home-made popcorn without added fat is much smarter, and it has three times fewer calories.


Of course, there is something to love and dried apricots, and prunes, and raisins, and figs, and dates especially in combination with soft cheese or low-fat yogurt. But did you know that these natural sweets are defiantly high in sugars and contain nearly 400 calories per 100 grams? Let’s preserve the title of a healthy product for dried fruits, rich in nutrients, fiber and trace elements, but limit their consumption to a handful a day and preferably before lunch.


For breakfast cereal lovers, beware of the variety of beautiful packages. Do not be lazy to cook oatmeal or bake your own muesli. All ready-made cereals and muesli are extremely high in sugar, salt, and fat 100 g. In your bowl will supply your body with about 400 calories decide. If you are ready to spend them.


If you decide that you have significantly reduced the calorie content of bread by drying a couple of slices in a toaster, accept the fact that this is not the case. Even when dehydrated, baked goods with fine flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and fat contain over 400 calories per 100 grams, be careful.


Rich in minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium), coconut kernel liquid is sold in stores in a processed and fortified form, designed for long-term storage. Which means the addition of sugar and preservatives. That is, it is no longer water with zero nutritional value, but the calorie content of a drink, pleasant in the heat and after fitness, remains at a delicately low level of 23-25 ​​calories per 100 grams.


Nutritionally appropriate and healthy sushi (rice, fish, vegetables, nori) is also significantly underestimated nutritionally. A roll or sushi with fish is “priced” at 50 calories (and variations on the theme of “Philadelphia” or “California” and even more), not to mention the sweetened soy sauces. Which significantly increases the energy value. A half dozen sushi guarantees a healthy lunch, rich in Omega-3s, no fiber or cholesterol, but packed with calories like the average burger.

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