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Foolproof Tips For Beautiful Feet

You have to check out these foolproof tips for beautiful feet.  Here are Foolproof Tips For Beautiful Feet.

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1: Swollen Feet

Hot Water

Chamomile 2 Tea Bags

Then put these teas bags into the glass of hot water

and wait 10 minutes

After 10 minutes put these hot water into cold water into a tab

Cold Water

Soak 20 Minutes

After 10 minutes clean your feet by Towel


Then apply lotion to your whole feet

Here is a final result

2: Homemade Foot Scrub



Now mix both of these

Apply it into your feet

Removes dead skin cells

Massage gently

Once a week

Here you go

3: Aching Feet

Coconut Oil

Natural oils soothe and soften the skin

Apply coconut oils to your feet

Apply pressure with your thumb

Circular Motions

4: Calluses and Cracks


Apply lotion to your feet

Plastic Wrap

Boosts Hydration

Apply this plastic wrap into your feet

Do it before Bed

5: Nails

Prevent ingrown nails by always cutting and filing them square

Don’t Remove the cuticles

Only a professional Should do it

Here is a Final Result

Hows it looks like after the whole tutorials

We hope all of you like this amazing Foolproof Tips For Beautiful Feet. Which is helping alot to your feet beauty and it will save lots of your money. Which are you spend to beauty saloon after seeing these whole tutorials you will be able to do the next level for feet some tips and tricks which is mostly beauty saloon are using and For your better guidance, I also post a whole process video which is given below this video guide you all process in a step by step and save your time? I hope you will never forget to Subscribe our Youtube Channel and press the bell icon.

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