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Forget About Water With Lemon As A Way To Lose Weight!

These three drinks are an exquisite and attractive alternative! You must have heard about the magical properties of water with lemon. Yes, it really helps to burn extra calories. But it also can negatively affect your health. Water with lemon can damage enamel if you are doing not immediately rinse your mouth. So as to reduce, it’s recommended to drink 1-2 cups of lemon water. But we believe that these three drinks won’t only help in losing weight, but also much healthier.


Coffee provides our body with energy and 2-3 cups each day. Supposedly can help burn more calories effectively consistent with a study published within the Journal of medicine and Physical Health, 2-3 cups per day will help increase the number of sets during training to twenty. However, during this case, coffee must be drunk without sugar and milk, as this is often the sole way that will give pleasant results.


Instead of drinking lemon water within the morning, try drinking an outsized glass of cold water. This can cause your body to spend more energy, thereby balancing your weight. 3 cups of cold water during the day will assist you to burn a further 100 calories, and if you are doing this a day you’ll lose up to 4.5 kg per year!

Green Tea

Green tea can assist you to reduce consistent with the results of the study. People that drank 4 cups of tea per day for two months lost 3 kg. Those are quite people that drank only water during an equivalent period. However, it’s recommended that you simply drink exclusively fresh tea, instead of bottled, which is filled with sugar and antioxidants.

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