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How To Lose Weight After Childbirth?

In general, losing weight itself requires extraordinary effort from people, and even more so for many women after their pregnancy. Since the body undergoes many changes during this process. To achieve this, it is extremely important to focus on eating a healthy diet and incorporating constant physical activity into your routines. In addition, the use of supplements and some types of girdles will be key to make the process less complicated.

An Extra Help: Breastfeeding
According to the Mayo Clinic, “Breastfeeding can also help you lose the weight you gained during pregnancy. This happens because, when you breastfeed, you use fat cells that are stored in the body during pregnancy, as well as the calories from your diet, to stimulate milk production and feed your baby. “

So that you do not despair and maintain the necessary tranquility to achieve your goal. It is important to understand that during the stage and the process of pregnancy it is very normal for women to gain weight and that losing weight will not happen overnight when you already have your baby in your arms. In general, it is a process that may take at least 6 to 12 months after delivery to begin to see changes.

Hormonal and metabolic changes make it inevitable that you will gain, but not impossible for you to lose weight. See how and with what you can lose weight after childbirth.

1. Postpartum girdle for the belly

This girdle helps you regain your silhouette faster. It supports your abdomen, flattens your tummy and hips, and helps reduce sagging skin.

Avoid the enlargement of fat cells, correct your posture, and straighten your spine. In addition, it helps to compress the uterus not only to return it to its original size but also to help the swelling go down and excess fluid drains out. See here more details of how it can help you within the first 12 weeks after delivery.

Find more girdle options of this type here.

2. Postpartum Recovery Kit – Pink Stork:

Includes tea and supplement in capsules. The products Pink Stork are developed and formulated for women, by women, so you can feel comfortable knowing that someone like you is behind each supplement.

Postpartum Recovery Pack Supports Postpartum Hormones + Calms + Promotes Relaxation + Helps Support Breastfeeding Goals with Two Tea Options and the Total Postnatal Supplement. Contains ingredients like oat straw, dandelion, red raspberry leaf + vitamins for essential postpartum health. These products are made without GMOs, gluten, wheat, dairy, or soy.

Learn all about this product here.

3. Mommy Care – Postpartum Firming Lotion – Certified Organic:

Firming cream for the belly Mommy Care. After giving birth, the skin is transformed and often makes it look loose and visibly stretched. The stretch marks that have formed are accentuated and can appear dark red, purple, or even black. Shapely Post Pregnancy Firming Lotion by Mommy Care is rich in shea butter and avocado oil that penetrates the upper layers of the skin and can help nourish and hydrate stretched skin, which can speed up the fading process of stretch marks and incidentally helps in the weight loss process.

Key benefits:

  • Increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • Reduces the number of wrinkles (small folds of the skin).
  • Rehabilitate the skin: allows the skin to return to its original tension.
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

You can see more benefits of this cream and other options in this category here.

4. Mummy Magic Weight Loss, Secrets Of Tea – Cinnamon Herb Tea :

Energy tea to stimulate metabolism and improve digestion. The package contains 40 servings. Secrets Of Tea focuses on creating safe tea for weight loss while breastfeeding. It contains a collection of Mummy Magic slimming tea that is available in 4 flavors, USDA certified organic.

All ingredients are hand-selected for women to support their postpartum goals. It has delicious blends that help restore natural energy levels, improve digestion, and support an active and healthy lifestyle during consumption, which benefits mother and baby. These tea bags are biodegradable, and each bag produces 2 cups of tea as they contain more herbs than traditional tea bags and also use only organic whole leaf herbs.

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