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Tips To Prevent Stained Teeth

Don’t worry about staining your teeth with red wine or coffee anymore. The yellower side of your teeth will be very bad for your personality. There is a several way in which you can remove the yellower side of our teeth but here is we are told to top six tips or hacks which is preventing to your stained teeth. Here are 6 Tips To Prevent Stained Teeth.

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1: Eat Some Cheese

It creates a layer of calcium on your teeth

Which helps prevent stains

Eat some drinks

2: Use A Straw

Avoids direct contact with beverages

Perfect for sodas, juice, and teas

It doesn’t work with hot drinks through

Always prefer soda



3: Napkin

Clean your teeth with a damp napkin

To remove excess yellowing residues

4: Sparkling Water

Drinks some water after your coffee

It dilutes the pigment and acidity in your mouth

5: Apply Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss creates a New barrier

Against the Wine!

Reapply your lip gloss after each glass

You can apply lip gloss to your lips like these

6: Brush your teeth beforehand

Not after you drink

Tannins in the wine stick onto a plaque

Brush your teeth beforehand to remove as much as you can

We hope all of you like this amazing 6 Tips To Prevent Stained Teeth. Which is helping a lot to your teeth problem and your teeth stained or all of your teeth problem with solve after seeing these whole tutorials and For your better guidance, I also post a whole process video which is given below this video guide you all process in a step by step and save your time. I hope you will never forget to Subscribe our Youtube Channel and press the bell icon.

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