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What benefits does coconut oil have for beauty?

You will no longer see coconut as just-food.

At present in the world of personal care and especially in cosmetics, the use and dissemination of the benefits that we can find in ingredients of natural origin have been used. Until recently, chemicals were used to achieve immediate results, but in these times the focus is on everything that is organic and natural.

This is how we come across one of the oils that brings the most benefits to beauty such as coconut oil. This powerful weapon for personal care is obtained from the fruit that we both know as a delicious ingredient of tropical flavor widely used in gastronomy and cocktails, But the truth is that it also has many healing and cosmetic properties.

Each of the areas that comprise our body can be greatly benefited from the properties of this wonderful ingredient. For example, in nail care, coconut oil is the best ally to treat our cuticles giving them a more attractive and healthy shine. Simply rub some coconut oil carefully and give gentle circular massages all over the surface to keep all the cells of our hands and feet hydrated and strengthened.

In our hair, coconut oil is also responsible for providing different benefits. When it is opaque and brittle, it is advisable to use a mask composed of this ingredient to give it shine and strengthen each strand. You only need to place a small amount on the scalp, cover with a hat and let it act for a few minutes to get results like a beauty salon.

Another option for hair care is to apply a few drops on the tips that we will then wash with plenty of water; This way you are eliminating the frizz and static of your hair. Using drops of this natural oil in the root with some regularity guarantees a more voluminous mane and easy to control, even during the days of more humidity.

The properties of this oil create a kind of armor especially the scalp that resists any extreme temperature and makes it more manageable. Coconut oil also offers great benefits for all our skin, for example, is combined with baking soda you can obtain a paste with exfoliating qualities that are effective in removing all dead cells.

The oil extracted from coconut is a common ingredient in the most effective moisturizing masks, this is because it illuminates and renews the appearance of the face in addition to having certain antibacterial properties. When we expose ourselves a lot to the sun or very cold weather, it is natural for the lips to crack, rest and sometimes bleed. One way to have well hydrated, soft and beautiful looking lips is to apply drops of coconut oil on them.

On the other hand, coconut oil also has certain relaxing properties that have made it a very common ingredient for making bath salts. This compound allows to relieve the accumulated muscular tension and generating a pleasant sensation of calm, at the same time that it moisturizes and gives shine to our skin.

Another good use of coconut oil is as an ingredient for makeup removal products. Regardless of whether you use waterproof products or how many layers of makeup you apply, just a few drops of this oil in a cotton speck is enough to clean your face completely. Once you’re done, you just have to rinse your face thoroughly with warm water or use a damp towel.

Finally, one of the best uses you can give coconut oil is to keep your skin hydrated. You only need to add a few drops in your favorite moisturizer and then apply it throughout your body. Recently it has been proven that this oil is good for curing acne and skin blemishes.

There are definitely many benefits that this oil has in its different presentations, and that is why we show you some of the popular ones below.


1. Pure Organic Oil

It is an extra virgin coconut oil in its purest and cold-pressed state. It has been specially formulated so that it can be consumed and used in both solid and liquid states.

You can use it as a dietary supplement or for cooking, preparing desserts and even baking. It is also efficient as a moisturizing treatment for skin and hair.

2. Multipurpose oil with dispenser

An oil bottle with a versatile dispenser that has a wide variety of applications ranging from aromatherapy to skin and hair moisturizer. It is a vegan product made with premium extracts and free of preservatives.

It brings innumerable health benefits in general, all thanks to its unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties that are responsible for nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

3. Cold-pressed virgin coconut extract

This cold-pressed organic product is designed to provide a source of energy and improve metabolism. It can be used as a daily supplement to improve concentration and boost athletic endurance.

It can be applied to the roots and ends of the hair for hair treatment and conditioner of professional quality. On the skin, it works as a natural sunscreen and moisturizer for day or night use.

4. Home beauty treatment

A formula made from coconut oil of high quality totally organic and extra virgin. It has been specially made for professional quality beauty treatments that bring immediate results.

A formula that has all the essential vitamins and nutrients to treat your skin and your hair. Ideal to moisturize, eliminate wrinkles and expression lines.

With these products, you will no longer see coconut as simple tropical food. You can take advantage of all its benefits for your beauty and thus obtain the best results without fear of the side effects of chemicals. This is your new best ally for your homemade aesthetic treatments.

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