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What is the “bubble mask” that fires all over the net?

Recently, many small friends have asked, the bubble mask on the “some tone” is very popular, many anchors are promoting, the live demonstration effect and people are very heart-warming but afraid of being taxed. What is the “bubble mask”? What is the real effect? Can you choose a representative product for analysis? Talk about this topic today.

“Bubble Mask” gossip

Bubble mask is not a new invention, new technology has been around for more than a decade, many friends who have some understanding of cosmetics should have heard of it, or used it personally. In the impression, the bubble mask was first introduced by Koreans who are good at concept hype. The promotional bubble mask can “inject oxygen” into the skin. With this concept, it has been popular for a while.

The earliest follow-up in China is the professional line. Many beauty salons have carried out this project, and the daily chemical line merchants are also closer. In order to let the friends understand the truth, I wrote: “Oxygen, oxygen, bubble masks two years ago, is it really oxygen?” “Deciphering “oxygen meter, water oxygen meter, small bubble, oxygen injection therapy” skincare truth”, the principle and real effect of the bubble mask have been explained in detail.

Although the bubble mask is a good publicity gimmick, the concepts of “oxygen injection and oxygen production” are obviously untenable. A little bit of a little understanding of the skin, as long as you think carefully, you can see through the tricks behind. Therefore, after a while, the bubble mask is silent. But after a while, as young consumers grew up, the leek was green, and the bubble mask changed its vest and began a new round of harvesting. I used it in my impressions, and it has been up and down several times. I have to say that the bubble mask is really strong.

Most of the early bubble masks, the gel mask, applied to the skin and will be foamed in a few minutes. Nowadays, the bubble mask conforms to the big trend of the patch mask, combined with the concept of the black mask, turned into a “bubble black mask”. With some online media that young people like, they started another round of hype, and sales were amazing. The Koreans who first promoted the “bubble mask” saw the present scene and did not know what to think. Will you marvel at the “re-innovation ability” of the Chinese people?

The principle of “bubble mask”

The principle of bubble mask blistering has been mentioned in the past articles, but some of the small partners may not have seen it. Let’s talk about it here. The bubble mask is not magic at all, it is a simple physical and chemical phenomenon.

Bubble masks contain two important ingredients: surfactants and low-boiling, volatile ingredients. These two types work together to create a foam on the skin. Commonly used surfactants are alkyl glycosides (such as lauryl glucoside, decyl glucoside, etc.), amino acids (such as sodium lauroyl glutamate, sodium cocoyl glycinate, etc.), amphoteric surfactants (such as Cocamidopropyl betaine). These ingredients are not very familiar, they have commonly used surfactants in facial cleansers, which can produce rich foam. If you don’t understand your partner, you can think about the foam of facial cleanser.

Low boiling point, volatile components mainly include ethers (perfluoroisobutyl ethyl ether, perfluorobutane methyl ether, methyl perfluoroalkyl ether, ethyl perfluoroalkyl ether, etc.) or volatile alkane Classes (such as Cyclopentasiloxane, hexylpolydimethylsiloxane). When these ingredients come into contact with the skin, they gradually volatilize under the action of body temperature. When the surfactant mentioned above is encountered, an interfacial reaction occurs, resulting in a large amount of foam.

These low-boiling, volatile ingredients can produce foam, giving consumers a different experience, but without any skincare, just a concept of hype. The more the anchor bubble is, the dirtier the face is the naked IQ tax. The amount of foam is mainly caused by the combination of surfactant and “foaming agent”, and the degree of cleanliness of the face is not related to half a cent.

As for the more bubbles, the more toxins on the face, the more nonsense. How ignorant, will come to this strange theory. Other concepts such as “oxygenation, oxygenation, oxygenation, and small bubbles” have been exposed since 10 years ago, so don’t let people out now.

The real role of the bubble mask is clean + moisturizing. As analyzed above, the core component of the bubble mask contains cleansing surfactants, which are commonly used in mild facial cleansers. These ingredients stay on the face for 10-15 minutes to clean the dirt and oil on the face. The skin is clean, fresh and reflective, and looks white, but this white is not the same as whitening the skin after it has been broken down.

However, the mildness of these surfactants is limited. If they stay on the face for a long time, some of them will adhere to the surface of the skin, penetrate into the skin, destroy the interstitial structure, denature the collagen, stimulate the skin, and let the skin dry, tight, and even allergic reactions.

If the normal skin is not used frequently, most of them can withstand the irritation of the bubble mask and will not cause serious problems to the skin. If it is a sensitive and fragile thin skin, it may not be so lucky. This type of skin should be used with caution.

“Bubble Mask” Case Study

Speaking a few words, in recent years, consumers have been tired of all kinds of non-brain concept hype, the rise of the constituent party. Merchants have also noticed this trend. When developing products, they are consciously welcoming the party and the complexity of the ingredients. Not only ordinary consumers can’t understand, but formulators have to ponder for a long time. Consumers are always on the weak side.

The composition of this bubble mask is also very complex, with dozens of ingredients. Careful observation, many ingredients are added in the form of a combination of raw materials. The whole can be divided into several categories: moisturizing ingredients, cleansing ingredients, foaming agents, softening keratin ingredients, anti-allergic ingredients, thickeners, preservatives.

There are many varieties of moisturizing ingredients. In addition to 1,3-propanediol, other moisturizers are more difficult to judge the amount of addition. It is estimated that some are true additions, and some are symbolic additions to the party. No special sticky moisturizer, no greasy, moisturizing effect is OK. The formulator strives to strike a balance between moisturizing and skin feel.

The cleaning ingredients are sodium cocoamphoacetate, sodium lauroyl glutamate, a surfactant commonly used in facial cleansers, which is generally mild, but it is applied to the face for a long time, which may irritate the skin. Some small partners use this. The mask has a tingling sensation and a large part is the reason for these two ingredients.

The old version of this mask also adds activated carbon, and the new version does not add this ingredient. Look at the business copy, the mask cloth is a long carbon film, which is the fusion of activated carbon into the fiber, woven into a mask cloth, which can absorb dirt and grease. This concept can be said in principle, but I don’t know how the materials used by the merchants.

This mask is still working hard. Although it has a weaker cleaning power than some deep-washing cleansing masks, it can be used as a daily cleaning for ordinary skin.

The foaming agent is perfluorohexane, perfluoro methyl cyclopentane, perfluorodecalin, perfluoro perhydro phenanthrene, perfluorodimethylcyclohexane, which can be foamed, but has no skincare effect, as a hype Shantou exists.

Softening keratin , glycerol, elastin, lactic acid/glycolic acid copolymer, lecithin, stalk extract (APIUM GRAVEOLENS), water, seawater, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, carnosine, LEPIDIUM SATIVUM The ingredients such as zein and zein are added as a raw material combination to soften the keratin and promote the exfoliation of the old dead skin cells, leaving the skin delicate and smooth.

Anti-allergic ingredients, PORTULACA OLERACEA extract, water, butanediol; glycerin, water, guaiac sulphonate, these two components, can play a calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, Reduce the cleaning ability of the surfactant to stimulate the skin and increase the range of products.

To be fair, this mask is considered to be more comprehensive, retaining the function of the bubble mask cleaning; increasing the moisturizing effect, alleviating the problem of dryness caused by cleansing ingredients, and it will not be particularly sticky when used; promoting aging keratinocytes to fall off, delicate and smooth skin; add anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory ingredients to increase the mildness of the product. In the same bubble mask, it is still good.

However, this mask is absolutely not as magical as the “something” anchor, and there is also a bubble mask to stimulate the skin. If you only look at the cleaning ability, it is not as good as the professional washing and cleaning mask. The bubble mask is a product that caters to the trend of the patch mask, the cleansing mask and the moisturizing mask. With the gimmick of the bubble and the interpretation of the anchor, the vest became a fire.

In summary, the main function of the bubble mask is to clean and moisturize, and other effects are limited. Bubbles are just a kind of hype, which can give you a different experience, but it doesn’t help skin care. Bubble masks can be used, but don’t use them frequently. Use sensitive and fragile skin with caution.

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